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Volunteer Opportunities

Check out these fantastic ways to get involved with MGA! Both past, present, and future owners are welcome to help, although hound sitting is recommended for those with hound experience. Those not interested in owning are still welcome as volunteers.

Hound Sitting Volunteer Opportunities

Have you benefited from MGA’s hound-sitting service before? Do you want to earn free sitting for your own hound? Please consider becoming an MGA dog sitter. During the summer and over the holidays, we are in urgent need of additional sitters. If you would like to hear from other sitters about their experiences before you volunteer, please call  Ausra Petry (708-699-8224) and she will be happy to provide you with a list of referrals. Volunteer forms available here.

Kennel Volunteer Opportunities

Have some extra time on your hands? Want to get more involved with MGA? Join other volunteers at the kennel on a regular basis to keep operations running smoothly! Contact Kari at 630-466-4022 or via e-mail for more information.

Meet & Greet Volunteer Opportunities

Spend a couple of hours with your hound bragging about how great she/he is while spreading the word about greyhound adoption. You don't need a special invitation, the other voluteers would love to see you. 



We need foster families! Fostering is perfect for those interested in owning for a short time and preparing hounds for a permanent home. In order to help more hounds, we need more foster homes! Please contact Kari at 630-466-4022 or via e-mail for more information.




Other Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering but unsure of what to help out with?
Please contact Kari at 630-466-4022 or via e-mail for more information.


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