Ready to Adopt?

Think about adopting a greyhound if you would like a dog that...

-is intuitive and sensitive

-is a rare mix of stoic strength and fragility
-loves to be spoiled

-adores soft beds and stuffed toys
-will follow you from room to room and bond quickly 
-rarely barks, unless they learn to from your other dogs, are left alone for long     periods of time, or are at play

-will be your best friend for life


If a greyhound sounds right for you, be ready to...


-abandon every preconceived notion you may have about dog training, particularly the harsh methods

-give plenty of love and attention

-never shout or hit (a strong "no!" does the trick!)
-leash your dog at all times

-look for a fenced-in football field for the dog to run in

-go for frequent walks

-fence in your yard
-pamper them with soft bedding, soft toys and even a radio when you are gone (after all, they have never been alone!)
-use alternatives to chemicals (with low body fat, a Greyhound's detoxifying organs are not too strong and you risk your pet's health if you use highly chemical flea collars or pesticides on your lawn!)
-be patient (patience is a virtue for the transition period)


Please respect our volunteers’ time. The adoption process for repeat MGA adopters requires our time to respond to calls, texts, emails and even Facebook notifications of interest in adopting again. After that comes the time to discuss possible matches, plus ultimately arranging and facilitating meetings between greyhounds and adopters.


This can add up to hours in order to thoroughly accomplish all of the above tasks. We ask you to respectfully “pick a lane,” meaning please do not ask to be put on our waitlist if you already have applications in to other adoption groups.  Choose a group you feel comfortable with and work the process of getting another retired greyhound. Every adopter should respect EVERY greyhound adoption group and their volunteers time. It is counter-productive to call a potential adopter to suggest meeting a dog only to be told they have already adopted a dog elsewhere.


MGA has many broken leg and special needs dogs so our dogs may require more time recuperating.  This may slow our timing with some of these dogs but their care is our primary concern. It should not be a race to get a greyhound into a home, but a journey. 


Thank you for protecting our volunteers from this situation.

Are You Ready?

If a greyhound sounds right for you, complete the adoptionapplication and mail to:

Midwest Greyhound Adoption

P.O. Box 338

Sugar Grove, IL 60554 


Information about greyhounds and sample contract

On-line application

Please download, enter all information and attach in an e-mail to MGA.

Adoption Coordinator

​Kari Swanson









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