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Ready to Adopt?

Think about adopting a greyhound if you would like a dog that...

-is intuitive and sensitive

-is a rare mix of stoic strength and fragility
-loves to be spoiled

-adores soft beds and stuffed toys
-will follow you from room to room and bond quickly 
-rarely barks, unless they learn to from your other dogs, are left alone for long     periods of time, or are at play

-will be your best friend for life


If a greyhound sounds right for you, be ready to...


-abandon every preconceived notion you may have about dog training, particularly the harsh methods

-give plenty of love and attention

-never shout or hit (a strong "no!" does the trick!)
-leash your dog at all times

-look for a fenced-in football field for the dog to run in

-go for frequent walks

-fence in your yard
-pamper them with soft bedding, soft toys and even a radio when you are gone (after all, they have never been alone!)
-use alternatives to chemicals (with low body fat, a Greyhound's detoxifying organs are not too strong and you risk your pet's health if you use highly chemical flea collars or pesticides on your lawn!)
-be patient (patience is a virtue for the transition period)

Information about adopting a greyhound from Midwest Greyhound:  Adoption Packet

Application for adoption

Our adoption area is only Illinois, from the Illinois/Wisconsin border to Bloomington, IL.

Adoption Coordinator
​Kari Swanson



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