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Hound Sitting

Houndsitting is a vital and valuable service that MGA volunteers provide to our

greyhound members. The cost is reasonable - $15.00 per night/per dog for MGA adopted dogs, and $20 per night/per dog for non-MGA adopted dogs. (Please note that first time, non-MGA adopted dogs will need to be evaluated by our team prior to scheduling. Please allow extra time for this step to take place). Both are reasonable prices compared to kenneling your hound(s), and all the money goes to support MGA programs, especially our medical fund.

Reservations must be made 5-6 weeks in advance. Exceptions are made for family emergencies only. Available spaces fill up fast, so be sure to request sitting as

soon as you know your travel plans.

Release forms are available for first time requests by contacting Ausra Petry at 708-699-8224 or email her at  Ausra will take all the information regarding your sit request. First time users of our service will need to download a questionnaire and release form from our website.

Our longtime scheduler, Sue Lakics is retiring from hound sitting scheduling after many years of faithful service to MGA.   We thank her for all her diligent work on behalf of MGA.

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