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About MGA

Founded in 1991, Midwest Greyhound Adoption is a not-for-profit organization located in Sugar Grove, IL. We are comprised of 100% volunteers, dedicated to the adoption of retired racing greyhounds.

When the greyhounds come to Midwest Greyhound Adoption, they are first taken to a veterinarian. The dogs have their teeth cleaned, are spayed/neutered, receive their vaccinations and a physical exam. The physical exam will determine if the dog requires further treatment, such as surgery or repair of a broken leg. Once the dogs return from the vet, they are tested to see if they are cat and/or small dog friendly. After testing, the dogs are placed in appropriated foster homes where they remain until they are adopted.

Foster families are an important part of our organization, making the transition from the race track to home life a smooth one. The families welcome the new dog into their homes as their own. The foster families prepare the dogs for their new homes by housebreaking, socialization, and even teaching them simple tasks such as walking up and down stairs.


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