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Loving Arms Rehabilitation Kennel (L.A.R.K.)

Midwest Greyhound Adoption, in cooperation with Illinois Department of Corrections, launched the L.A.R.K. Program at Robinson Correctional Center in October 2012. This program seeks to benefit retired racing Greyhounds who are waiting to go to their "furever" home by pairing them with offenders who have demonstrated a willingness and dedication to true change. Dogs available for adoption have been placed at RCC for a period of roughly 60 to 90 days to prepare them to go into an adoptive home where they will be a loving addition to a family. Not only does this benefit the dog, but offenders learn responsibility, accountability, and skills that will assist them in returning to their communities successfully. 

Midwest Greyhound Adoption is funding the entire L.A.R.K. project through fundraising and donations. As such, all donations are gratefully accepted and will go toward the care of the dogs and continuation of the program at Robinson Correctional Center.  

As of August 2013, Robinson Correctional has "fostered" 14 greyhounds.  In the current PHASE TWO part of our training, the handlers have been assisted buy a local dog trainer, Jim Sears.  The handlers are enthusiastic about learning new techniques and methods and best of all, the dogs benefit with all the added training.


Clieck here to view a recent article about the program.

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