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Midwest Greyhound Adoption receives no industry funding, relying only on donations to keep our program running. We accept new and used items such as toys, beds, muzzles, and much more. Cash donations are greatly appreciated, too!

If you are interested in making a monetary donation, you can do so in one of two ways. Either by sending funds via PayPal or by sending a check to: 

Midwest Greyhound Adoption

P.O. Box 338

Sugar Grove, IL 60554​

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Donation Wish List

Important Items
  • -Laundry Soap

  • -Liquid Fabric Softener

  • -HP Print Cartridges (HP901)

  • -Toilet Paper

  • -Light or Maintenance Science Diet and/or Pro Plan Dog Food

  • -Vet Wrap

  • -Fiskar Quilting Scissors

  • -Volunteers​​


Other Items
  • ​-Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, and Tea

  • -Markers (Permanent & Dry Erase)

  • -Forever Postage Stamps

  • -Duct Tape

  • -Medium and/or Large Zip Strips (Plastic Ties)

  • -Room Deodorizer

  • -Febreeze Spray

  • -Large and/or Extra Large Dog Cages (New or Used)

  • -Colored Copy Paper

  • -White Copy Paper

  • -Old Blankets

  • -Old Collars, Leashes, Coats, and Dog Beds

  • -Medical Supplies for Broken Leg Care

  • -Black Cone Thread



Recent Donors



  • MGA is so pleased with members who sign up for Facebook Fundraisers naming Midwest Greyhound as their designated charity of choice.  We have had several over the last few months, all funds received have gone to kennel and medical costs for incoming dogs. Below is a list of fundraisers and donors…we sincerely thank them all.

Sydney Medical Bills


Julie & Grant Ondo

Gail Ann Rohan

Dave & Laurie Lindemann

Rebecca Bierman

Sidney Hirsch

Stephanie Christina

Gail Ferbend

Lexi Werle

Jeanie Kennedy

Heather Cocke

Gina Pozza

Dawn Adams

Diane Brezich

Martha’s Birthday Fundraiser


Brynne & Paul Watts

Caryl Stone Farnum

Jill Fox

Mary Jane & Bud O’Connor

Noelle & Kevin Snow

Holly & Jim McMahan

Nanci & Mark Blasgen

Sharon Nirvasteele

Jim Coury

Gina Pozza

Al Manning


Kelly Leggett’s Iowa Bike Ride


Fernando Roman

Janice Martensen

Michelle Marie

Joanne Kehoe

Clifton Kirkland

Sally Haynes

Bonnie Bloom

Carol Lynn Bachelor

Jean Calbow Marella

Rae Anthony Hogan

Kim Simmons Deetz

Ted Prodromou

Maureen McNaney

Amanda Baran

John Moony

Barbara Faermark

Kelly Leggett

Laine Teichman


Gail Rohan Birthday Fundraiser


Kelly Leggett

Sandy Giglietta

Judy Clar

Sue Orbesen

Mary Jane & Bud O’Connor

Kathy Kimball Schroeder

Mike Aloisio

Gail Ann Rohan

Many companies and corporations sponsor an employee giving program. Check with your employer to see if your company has such a program. If you would like to make donations to MGA or record your volunteer hours (kennel help, fostering or babysitting greyhounds), please send any necessary forms to us, and we will enroll MGA in your employee giving program.

Martha Swanson:

Judy Clar:

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